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Who we are

Waje Smart Solutions is an Information Technology company specialized in systems integration, software design and development, managed IT services as well as consulting and advisory services. We are a technology driven company that has garnered extensive experience in providing the aforementioned services to various industries including, manufacturing, banking, telecoms, retail etc.

As a company, whose founders are of African origins, we are particular about leveraging cloud technologies to transform the lives of Africans, especially the exponentially increasing youth population. We consider cloud technology as the predominant platform that we can use to digitally transform and address a lot of day-to-day socio-economic challenges currently plaguing Africa.

Our Value Proposition

Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to listen to our customers, identify gaps in our socio-economic environment and leverage cutting edge technology solutions to improve the business and quality of lives of our end users using local available skills and resources. We do this by investing heavily on training our people and preparing them to develop business solutions to tackle challenges not yet forseen by the industry well ahead of time.

Our Mission

We are leveraging technology to create a new Africa where life is worth living.

What drives us?
We are digital transformation enablers. We take pride in making our clients happy and seeing them gain measurable value from their investments in technology.
Why choose us?
Waje Smart Solutions is run by astute professionals that have garnered industry experience across various sectors. Our experience in developing strategy, delivering projects on time and providing excellent post implementation support services continues to endear us to our clients.

We excel in delivering
optimal IT solutions.

Waje Smart Cloud Computing services help organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs.

In a world driven by internet and a mobile workforce, every device from which your employees access business data is a potential entry point to your network. Waje Smart Cyber Security solutions can help protect your network and systems from hackers, loss in productivity.

The momentum being gained from advances in Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence(AI) is pushing the frontier of digital transformation capabilities in all facets of economy, business and life.

We offer full-cycle custom Software Development, designed specifically for your business and ready to satisfy your exclusive needs.

Waje uses industry best practices for Network Design to assess, plan, and implement your network. Architected to support your business today, we design your network foundation to support what your business can grow into.

Some of our tech partners

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