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Network Solution

The network (LAN, WAN & Internet Connectivity) are today the foundation of any IT system. Accordingly, it’s design and architecture cannot be left in the hands of amateurs. However, experience has shown that perhaps the most consistently undervalued and under planned aspects of the IT environment is the local area network.

Commonly, companies design the network to fit their current business operations. However, as the business grows and its technology requirements expand, issues begin to emanate as the network begins to fail sometimes with costly results. The impacts of a poorly designed network range from slow performance to increased downtime to lost productivity and even lost revenues.

Our IT experts in Waje for over 20 plus years have been involved in the design and optimisation of several networks ranging from small to very large campus networks. Our approach to designing your network is not just to get it right the first time but also to ensure that it has the capacity to scale and support future use for at least another 5 years.

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Waje uses industry best practices for network design to assess, plan, and implement your network. Architected to support your business today, we design your network foundation to support what your business can grow into, not out of. We design and architect your network to ensure:

  • Its scalable for business growth or downsizing.
  • Supports a fixed or distributed user base.
  • Meets modern security and compliance requirements.
  • Support for mobile devices, virtualization and cloud computing.