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Software Development

Software development takes high-level technical knowledge, organized, and experienced development teams to succeed. A well-designed mobile app, responsive website, or business tool could increase your business efficiency and grow revenue.

At Waje, we build specialised software applications for both financial services and oil & gas industries. We specialise in three major areas; Data Analytics/Business Intelligence Applications, Advanced Web Applications and Distributed Applications.

Leveraging emerging cloud technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Waje is building different Software-As-A-Service Business Application that have the potential to disrupt Financially and Oil and Gas industries not just in Nigeria but in the world.
Waje software development services include:

  • Web application development
  • Open source development
  • Software application integration

Leverage our expertise to build your IT Solutions on
Automation(RPA & AI) Cyber Security Cloud Computing Software Development Network Support

Software Development Advantages

The solution will fit seamlessly into all your processes and workflows, no matter how big or complex they are.

Off-the-shelf softwares might cover your needs today but it is usually difficult or very expensive to scale. Having scalability in mind while developing your custom solutions allows you to grow without being held back by your software.

Hackers are aware of the vulnerabilities of popular softwares and know where to attack. A custom developed software that is only used by your team will have minimum chances of intrusion.

The use of different softwares in an organization is usually a threat to compatibility and increases the cost and difficulty of maintenance. Custom building software can integrate in only one tool everything you need, while making sure it is 100% integrated with other company tools.

Some of our Software Solutions are

HR Recruitment Portal
Online Retail Ordering, tracking and management Solution
Loyalty Management
CRM for small businesses